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Airport - 305 N Willow St., Ste 114, Kenai, AK
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Summer (June - August)
6:30 am to 9:30 pm 7 days
“Trying harder” takes on a whole new dimension in Alaska, especially in vehicle renting and leasing. But the extra effort for which Alaska Rent
A Car, Inc. dba Avis Rent A Car is so famous, has on many occasions made a big difference to customers residing in or visiting Alaska.

“Driving conditions can vary widely. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the right vehicle to our customers for the conditions and for their needs,
whether it's biological field studies, sales calls, or fishing on the Kenai Peninsula,” says Andrew Halcro, President and CEO for Avis in Alaska. He notes that
with a fleet of over 1,400 vehicles, ranging from sedans and 4x4’s and pickup trucks, Avis provides flexibility. This also stems from years of hands-on
Alaskan experience. Established in 1955, the locally owned Avis agency was renting cars before Alaska became a state.


As the only statewide agency in Alaska, Avis is able to provide seamless integrated services across an area one-fifth the size of the Lower 48 states. A
customer can rent a vehicle in Juneau and return it to Fairbanks, or rent in Fairbanks and return it to Skagway, or rent in Anchorage and return it there
after having completed a driving tour of Central Alaska. Literally dozens of combinations are possible.

Avis also serves an increasingly large number of nonresident visitors to Alaska’s vivid scenery and rich culture. These visitors are discovering there is a lot
to see from the 14,000 miles of road system in Alaska, from vacation hideaways and famous fishing holes, to native villages, national parks and forest and
numerous other activities for every season of the year.


Regardless of their travel needs, customers have come to expect a high standard of performance from Avis. Service is friendly, punctual and well informed.
Cars are clean and ready on schedule. Despite its large territory, the company stands ready to assist any customer that may experience mechanical
difficulty, promptly and free of charge. These services are rarely required as the fleet is new and maintained to high standards. The list of other amenities
offered by Avis is long and includes;

* The same corporate rates that customers have come to expect from Avis agencies outside Alaska
* Free hotel pick-up from our Anchorage Downtown Location
* A high-quality vehicle sales program; and
* 10 locations statewide, centrally managed by a modern computer network that affords fast reliable service.


Although the computers are essential, people are still the heart of AVIS. Twenty-five of the 100-plus employees have been with the firm for more than 10
years, a strong testament to AVIS’ stability and growth in Alaska. This says a lot about our employees and the service we provide. The people working at
Avis are enthusiastic, helpful, and courteous: this in turn creates a pleasant and comfortable transaction for our customers.
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Payment Methods
Visa / Master Card / AMEX / Carte Blanche / Diner's Club / Discover / JCB

No Debit cards accepted at time of rental / No Checks / No Cash
Minimum age 21
Winter (September - May)
6:30 am to 9:30 pm 7 days
Hours of Operation