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Antler with Glass
"Just Bone"
Welcome and Thank you for entering
Tassita Tonena’s world of...
“Alaskan” Zipper Pulls.
I like to think of my Zipper Pulls as unique pieces of wearable art work. I also
refuse to do the same work twice, so no two are identical. Keeps it fun for
everyone and I never get bored. You will have a Zipper Pull that is especially
made for your needs and style. No one else will have the same…that’s what
makes them so priceless.

My Zipper Pulls are not like any other they are a heavy duty “Alaskan”
version. In Alaska we’ve got to have a Zipper Pull that can withstand year
round tugging. So, I make mine out of a fishing lure. The clasp is called a
“Slider Clasp”. It is what we use for Halibut Fishing. If Sliders can handle a
Halibut, then its good enough for my bad boys!!! Plus Sliders not only can
withstand a lot of tugging but they also lock on very securely! They just don’t
slip on or off.

How to open the “Slider Clasp”.

  1. Place dimpled side towards you.
  2. Push on either side of the Center Square. Use your right thumb.
    (Similar to a safety pin)
  3. As you push inward, hold it there. Use your left hand to slide the
    Square “TOWARDS” the side you are pushing / Holding in on.
  4. To Close: Push center square back to the middle

Now that you know how the clasp works, the hard part is picking what kind of
Zipper Pull you would like. I use three different types of materials: Some kind
of Bone, Unusual Art Glass, and Moose / Caribou Antler. The posted
pictures are example depicting the differences. I have plenty of colorful
Zipper Pulls, most of them are girlie girl but I do make a few with Antler that
have no color for the men. The Zipper Pulls that are made of Bone do not
have glass, however you can special order one. I can always make them to
your desired specification (type of materials and colors).

I can also make them “sporty” looking with Cane Glass. You may want to
give them to your child / friends who play on a sports team using their “Team
Colors”. I tell everyone not to worry about the fabric, just use you favorite
colors. So, no matter where you place your Zipper Pull, Be it a coat, or from
purse to purse you will always love it. If the fabric matches the Zipper Pull, It
will blend in and not stand out. It’s O.K., if you don’t want to “Showie” but I
like “Showie”. The bone and antler ones look really good on leather jackets
and bags. I think it’s the contrast of the whine in the leather to the Non-
Shinny beads. Fur coats are similar the Art Glass beads look better up
against the fur. I’m just giving you some tips…don’t worry. No matter the
style / material you choose, it will look great! I promise….

You may order by e-mail or phone. I will need to know what materials, colors,
and style (Girlie, Manly, Bold, Sporty, Elegant, etc...)! Then I can get to work.
YEAH!!! I accept Checks or Money Orders. When you place your order, I will
give you an invoice number and the full price of your order, plus Shipping /
Handling fee. Once the order is placed it will be held until payment has
cleared. Please note, due to the volume of holiday orders I suggest ordering
(21) days prior to needing them, to ensure on time delivery.

The prices and styles are:
  • Unusual Art Glass                 $8.00        "Cute"
  • Unusual Art Glass                $10.00       "Hearts /Flowers Cute"
  • Unusual Art Glass                $12.00       "Flowers Fancy"
  • Unusual Art Glass                $18.00       "Bad Boys - Big Fancy"
  • Moose / Caribou Antler         $9.00         With Glass "Cute"
  • Moose / Caribou Antler         $9.00         Without Glass "Manly"
  • Moose / Caribou Antler        $15.00        Tip "Manly Man"
  • Some Kind of Bone              $8.00          "Just Bone"
  • Some Kind of Bone              $12.00        "Big Boys"
  • Special Orders                     $20.00        "Will Talk"...

When your order arrives. Please remember that they are not just for Coats
or Bags. They are also wonderful for Backpacks, Zipper Shirts, Breifcases,
Organizers, Fan Pulls, purses and can be added to Keyrings. You can also
take the Slider off and turn it into a Necklace, by adding it to a cord or chain.
They are a versatile gift.

People will always find a spot for an "Alaskan" Zipper Pull. Let's not forget
what a great tool it is!! People with Arthritic hands can easily get into their
Bags or Jackets without having to close their grip . The Zipper Pull will lock
between the fingers and work just fine. If you know someone that is visually
impared, they are able to tag the compartments to know what section of their
Purse or Jacket they are getting into. Shoot, I just wanted to have something
chunky to grab onto while I had my gloves on. There is a function to my
madness. I have succeeded in that and more. So whether you desire a
functional tool of a Zipper Pull or just wanted to dress up a Jacket, Shirt or
Bag. I have plenty to share with you.

Thank You for sharing your time with me in my world of Zipper Pulls. Hope to
hear from you.......
Thanks Again!

Tassita Tonena.

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